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Begin Your Truck Driving Career in Carlsbad

Are you ready to start a rewarding career in truck driving? Phoenix Truck Driving School in Carlsbad, NM is your gateway to a profession filled with opportunities. Our CDL training program is designed to set you on the path to success in the trucking industry and provide you with the expertise you need to acquire your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Comprehensive Truck Driver Training Program

Our program covers exactly what you need to pass your CDL written and skills test, so you can start your career in the trucking industry. 


From basic laws to pre-and post-trip inspections, our curriculum covers all the aspects necessary to understand the fundamentals of truck driving.

Hands-On Driving 


We believe in learning by doing. Our Carlsbad location offers on-road training with a variety of truck models. You’ll gain firsthand experience in navigating different road conditions, ensuring you’re road-ready upon completion.

Safety and

Safety is paramount in truck driving. Our training emphasizes best practices in safety, ensuring you’re not only a skilled driver but also a responsible one.

Ready for the
Road in Weeks
Time is valuable, and at our truck driving school in Carlsbad, NM, you can earn your CDL in as little as four weeks. Our training prepares you for the CDL exam and beyond, helping you transition smoothly into your truck driving career.

Join the Ranks of Professional Truck Drivers

With a shortage of qualified truck drivers, now is the perfect time to embark on a career as a CDL driver. Truck driving offers not just stability and good pay but also a sense of freedom and adventure on the open road. Our Carlsbad CDL training school is not just a place to earn your Class A or B CDL; it’s the starting point of your journey in the trucking world.

Career Opportunities Post-CDL Training

Graduating from Carlsbad CDL training school opens a world of opportunities. Our graduates are highly sought after for their exceptional skills and readiness to tackle various driving roles. Whether you are interested in long-haul trucking, local deliveries, specialized vehicle operation, or something else, our truck driving training will prepare you.

Our job placement team helps you find the right opportunity to start your trucking career. It makes your transition from training to driving smooth and successful.

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Why Choose Phoenix Truck Driving School in Carlsbad?

Opting for Phoenix Truck Driving School in Carlsbad, NM propels you into a thriving career in the trucking industry. Graduates of our program earn between $48,310 and $72,730 per year in the transportation industry.

At our Carlsbad, NM location, the instructor brings real-world experience to the classroom. Their road-tested knowledge and certification play a crucial role in enriching your educational journey. The school’s program also covers all necessary endorsements, including Doubles/Triples, Tankers, and Hazmat.

By choosing our Carlsbad CDL training school, you are not just learning to drive; you are gearing up for a successful and stable career in trucking.

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*Professional truck drivers earn a mean annual wage of $53,090*. The top 10% of truck drivers make more than $75,000* per year according to the 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics.